brown classic tabby female maine coon
Brown Classic Tabby Female Maine Coon

Priya Shanti is a Brown Classic Tabby Female and her parents are Leonardo and Gwenyver

She was born on 30 December 2011 and weighed 95g at birth and 1,600kg at 12 weeks.

She stays in Port Elizabeth and her adopted parents says: "She loves lying in the sun in the flower beds, swishing her tail, then darting after a bird (though has never caught one)  She also loves draping herself on the side of the swimming pool, with a paw or two dangling in the water.  Her tail often lands on top of the water, but doesn't get wet. All in all, she she is the best, most beautiful, most adored cat - happy, healthy and gorgeous"

Click "here" to see photos of her from her adobted family

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